tiistai 20. tammikuuta 2015


"Draws the scribed Star, marks the Compasses. The Eye, shows the marksey lines of power.

Marks the Compass Borning, the Compass Leaf, the Stormsie Compass, the Flamesie Compass, the Compass Tidestream, the Compass Stone, the Compass Darkness.

Weights each Starsie point with Elements of the Compass, with pure truest. Weights the Center with the Eye, fed mansblood, sees the Compasses and the bloodtrail to the trueworld.

Each Compass walks the Elements forth, paints to the Eye colors of heartsmaw Chaos, for follow the Eye back to the magic world.

Binds the Eyevisions, gathers the sights the glories, open fulls the Eye to See forth the world, bloodcalled, compasspainted, chasofed, paintings of the world the image is showed."

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