sunnuntai 28. joulukuuta 2014

Celestial Memories

'They' wait beyond the lightwave far
Reaching behind their spellbound plane


When the earth was young and the waving skies
Blessed the creatures of unknown
Man watched the many wonders of the land
Darkness as matter, dreams became light

But times, they were changing...

Arcadia mechanized, mystery thrown into Myrror
Everyone slept and no-one dreamed
Night, creatures of unknown forgotten
Banished into flipside plane of Myrror, 'they' walk here no more
Dead lights of machinery, soulless illumination
Spread over tamed lands
Man had no fear, pain and death denied
With gods and light divine

Mysteries, once unspoken
Disenchanted and materialized
Birds flight, once a wonder
Foreseen in predisposed trajectory
Matter, time and space became nothing
As knowledge

Mystery and life are dead
We are gods, finite processors
Waiting to be unrealized
This is all there is for vision
A material undream

But mystery is here and there, knocking behind eyes
Old earth, unseen skies remember...

Release the unknown, shatter the spacewalls
Find the intersections of the worlds, seen and hidden
Connect the elements, mark the starlines and
Channel the power into the very heart of being

Watch, as the new dawn
Of Trueworld revokes the Dream...
The Dream of dreams...

The magic Myrror and Arcadia earth
Warped into realm united!


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