torstai 24. maaliskuuta 2016

From the battlefields of 2nd Vietnam War

Red Marker - DMC 12 Gauge

"It's 30 years later and the ghosts of the cold war return. The toxic swamps of Florida become the battleground for the 2nd Vietnam War. The Government's only choice is to thaw out the man they put in Cryo-prison for a crime he didn't commit. Not only must he contend with the blood thirsty and dangerous Cyber-Cong; but Mutated Backwoods Cannibal Hillbillies, Overgrown Gators, and a Rouge US Military outfit lead by a man who he treated like his own son. This time War just got personal...

After a thousand adventures, it all comes near to a finale: armed with only a MI8 double barrel boltgun-autoblaster, colonel Bruce Norris confronts the ugly herds of red Cyber-Cong. It's the moment of last stand, fight for life and death...who sees the dawn over the barren swamps of Florida?"

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